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Year 6 Term 1

This half term, we are going to be travelling back in time to a Victorian classroom. We will discover a time when great minds thought new thoughts and ingenious inventors created so many things we take for granted today!

National Curriculum

As Writers, we will be writing non chronological reports, drawing on our own research and experiences of Victorian schools.

As Readers, we will be focusing on the class text, Oliver Twist. We will be drawing inferences such as inferring a characters feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and providing justifications for their views.

As Mathematicians, we will be reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000 and determining the value of each digit. We will also solve number and practical problems.

As Scientists, we will focus on the theme of Evolution and Inheritance which involves recognising that living things have changed over time.

As Artists, we will describe and explain the ideas, methods and techniques used by Sir David Wilkeie in ‘The First Council of Queen Victoria.’

As Programmers and users of Technology, we will be using ‘Scratch’ to create our own computer programme.

As Geographers, we will locate Victorian towns, villages and buildings on a map and annotate how each of the sites are connected and their significance to the Victorian period.

As Historians, we will discuss the industrial revolution, and discover how the introduction of steam power impacted upon this. We will also study various Victorian inventions and why they were so important.

As Musicians, we will listen to and comment on the work of musicians and composers indicating our won preferences.

In Religious Education, we will be focusing on both Christianity and Judaism.


Year 6— Revolution

Homework Project

For this half term’s homework project , you can either:

– Research significant Victorian battles and produce a map, model or plan to explain battle strategies.

– Find out about Victorian railways using Bradshaw’s guide ( Present your information in an exciting way.

– Find out about the life of a child worker.

Please bring your projects into school to share by Monday 9th October.