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Year 5 Term 1

This half term, we are going to be travelling back in time to the 1500s to meet the terrifying Tudors and learn about how they changed our history.

National Curriculum

As Writers, we will be producing biographies about a range of people from the Tudor period and we will study a variety of different poems and riddles.

As Readers, we will look at a range of texts and books about the life of Henry the VIII.

As Mathematicians, we will be solving addition and subtraction multi step problems and use rounding to check our answers. We will also complete, read and interpret information tables.

As Scientists, we will be exploring how different materials change and the differences between solids, liquids and gases.

As Artists, we will look at a number of Tudor portraits and find out when they were used and how they were painted. We shall practise painting small details using fine brushes and magnifying glasses.

As Design Technologists, we will design and create our own Tudor Jewellery.

As Programmers and users of Technology, we will select, use and combine a variety of software on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of programmes.

As Geographers, we will use the internet and other resources to find out where Henry the VIII lived during his lifetime and locate these places on a map of the U.K.

As Historians, we will use a range of source materials to sequence a Tudor Timeline and work in teams to find out about Tudor crimes and punishments.

As Musicians, we will appreciate and understand a wide range of high quality live and recorded music from the Tudor Period.

In Religious Education we will be discussing beliefs, values and other factors that influence ourselves and others.


Year 5- Off with her head!
Homework Project

For this half term’s homework project , you can either:

– Make a model of the Tower of London – or perhaps an instrument of torture, complete with fake bloodstains!

– What can you find out about Anne’s family and her childhood? Put your findings in a presentation to show the class.

– Paint or draw a portrait of someone in your family.

Please bring your projects into school to share by Tuesday 27th September.



Please fetch your projects into school to share ……..