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Year 4 Term 1

This half term, we are going to tuck in and enjoy a yummy journey of discovery, tasting fantastic fruits, vegetables and tantalizing treats.

National Curriculum

As Writers we will be creating recipes, writing non-chronological reports and persuasive pieces about a variety of foods and dishes.

As Readers we will be identifying the purposes of different parts of non-fiction texts about food.

As Mathematicians we will be ordering and comparing amounts of money as well as developing our mental calculation skills including money. We will also work out special offers and deals using percentage discounts.

As Scientists we will be identifying that animals, including humans, need the right types of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food: they get nutrition from what they eat.

As Design Technologists we will research, develop and design our own recipe to cook a savoury meal. We will evaluate our product against a criteria and consider the views of others to help us improve our work.

As Historians we will be researching the work of James Lind and his discovery of the cause and cure of scurvy during the 1700s.

As Geographers we will be researching the journey taken by foods from their country of origin to our plates using a range of sources to gather information. We will plot this journey on a world map.

As Artists we will be drawing fruits and vegetables, looking carefully at detail, describing our observations using artistic and sensory vocabulary. We will also sculpt fruits using clay.

In Religious Education we will be looking at the teachings of Christianity and Islam, we will be comparing Holy Books.

In MFL we will be learning how to name different fruits and vegetables in French.


Year 4 Scrumdiddlyumptious supported by a local walk to Sainsburys.
Homework Project

For this half term’s homework, you can either:

– Keep a food diary to record the different types of food you eat over the weekend.

– Make an alphabetic list of foods from A to Z. Is it possible?

– Make an information booklet about a festival that involves eating a special type of food. There are lots to choose from!

Please bring your projects into school to share on Friday 30th September.