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Year 3 Term 2

The Romans

This term in Year 3 we will be learning all about the Romans. As part of this topic we will be looking at Britain as part of the Roman Empire and the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire. We will also design and make our own clay pots. There will be a school trip to Doncaster Museum where we will have the opportunity to look at different Roman artifacts.

We are really enjoying learning about the Romans in Year 3. We are particularly enjoying learning about the Roman Army. We have found out that the Romans use their shields in battle to create a formation called the tortoise! Here are some pictures of the shield and the formation in action!


In our Art lessons we have learnt all about Roman pottery and the difference between fine and coarse pottery. We have drawn our own fine pottery and focused on our shading skills using a variety of different pencils. The children have done an excellent job of producing fine detail and high quality shading. Here are some of our finished products!


Alongside learning about the tortoise formation and weapons we have also learnt about other aspects of a Roman soldiers outfit. We discovered that they wore leather sandals with metal studs on the bottom just like football boots! The studs were there to stop the leather wearing out and they also had another purpose. The Cougars were shocked to discover that the studs were also used to cause damage in battle! The children were given the task of labelling the soldiers outfit. Here are some pictures of our work.


In DT we have designed our own Mosaics using a variety of different coloured pencils. The children chose their own patterns and colour scheme.

In Maths we have also been learning our Roman Numerals and we have used them to tell the time! We practiced labelling a clock using the numerals before making our own split pin version. Below are some pictures of these activities.


On the 16th of January we visited Doncaster Museum and we loved our Roman workshop! There were many different activities for us to take part in including creating our own mosaics, dressing up as Celts and Romans, investigating pottery, playing a Roman Game and solving Roman money problems!

The Cougars also had a fantastic time exploring the museum in the afternoon. We began at the Stone Age and followed the exhibits through to the Roman period. It was a fabulous learning experience! Here are some photos of our day!