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Year 2 Term 2

Our World

In Term 2 we have been learning all about Our World. We began by looking at the different continents and oceans of the World. We then moved our focus towards a comparative study of the UK and Kenya where we will looked at the similarities and differences of the two places.

Traditional African Tales

We have really enjoyed learning about some traditional African tales. We focused our English work around the tale of ‘The Lion’s Whiskers’, completing various tasks including an alternate ending.

Here is an example of one the endings written by our Year 2 pupils.




The Lion’s Whiskers’

“I need a single whisker taken from a living lion to make the potion work.”

Her eyes widened in alarm. She bit her bottom lip. She straightened her shoulders. “I’ll get it for you,” she replied.

The husband’s wife walked into the dark jungle and started to look for a lion. She searched all of the dark jungle and she found a scary lion. She hid in a spiky bush. The husband’s wife jumped out the bush and she sneaked around the scary lion. The lion cort his eye on the husband’s wife. The lion pounced at the wife so she started to run but then she found some meat in her pocket.

She got closer to the scary lion with the meat and when she got to close to the lion she threw the meat far away from the lion. She went up to the scary lion feeling a bit scared so she pulled the whisker off the lion when it was eating the meat. She ran as fast as she could with the scary lion chasing her. She ran so the lion could not catch up. The lady got back in town with the whisker. She finally told the elder about the scary lion’s whisker. Then she gave the lion’s whisker to the elder. The elder stared to make the loving potion. When it was made she rushed to her house and gave it to her husband to drink. The husband drank all of the potion so the Man and Woman got back together and they lived a happy life together with the elder.

Mat Ball and Gymnastics with Mr Stirling from Active Fusion

During the term, we have taken part in a number of Active Fusion sessions, including a multi-school Mat Ball Tournament held at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre.


World Book Day – The Twits

For World Book Day we used the book ‘The Twits’ to inspire our English work. We had lots of fun creating our own ‘tricks’ and writing about how we would prank the characters from the story. We enjoyed writing detailed character descriptions of the revolting, disgusting couple and painted images of the main characters.