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FS2 Term 1

This half term, we are going to meet our new friends and enjoy getting to know each other. We will be finding out what makes a good friend and learning about people who help us in school and at home.

Early Years Foundation Stage

As part of our Communication and Language Development we will be listening to each other and responding to ideas expressed in conversation and discussion.

As part of our Physical Development we will experiment with different ways of moving, negotiating space successfully. We will be learning how to grip a pencil correctly, showing a preference for a dominant hand.

As part of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development we will be developing our confidence in expressing our feelings, needs and interests to others. We will also be learning to consider the feelings of others and understand that our actions can also affect other people.

As part of our Literacy Development we will develop our awareness of rhyme and alliteration. We will learn to recognise letters and sounds and begin to hear and say the initial sounds within words.

As part of our Mathematics Development we will begin to count a set of objects reliably and begin to recognise numbers up to 10. We will begin to identify and describe the properties of common 2D shapes.

As part of our Understanding the World Development we will be finding out about our new friends and special events within their and our own lives. We will also find out about different occupations and people who help us at home and in the community.

As part of our Expressive Arts and Design Development we will begin to build a repertoire of familiar songs, develop an awareness of colour mixing and explore the sounds of instruments. We will also be engaging in role-play situations which are based on our own first-hand experiences.

FS2- Do you want to be friends?
Homework Project

For this half term’s homework project, you can either:

– Create a family portrait or family tree to share with your new friends

– Make a poster to tell your new friends all about your interests and hobbies

-Draw a picture of one of your new friends and write about what you like about them

Please bring your projects into school to share on Friday 29th September.